How to enable password based authentication in acs

Currently i am using easycwmp 1.8.6 as cwmp client and genieacs 1.1.3 as ACS server, CPE to ACS registered succesfully, now i want to enable HTTP basic authentication (username/password) based.How to enable it on GenieACS side ?

Only ACS to CPE authentication is supported in v1.0 and v1.1.

CPE to ACS authentication is supported in v1.2.

Yes, I need to do ACS to CPE authentication. I want to know configuration changes on GenieACS side to initiate Basic HTTP authentication (username and password) and Digest authentication ?

Can you please guide me on this.

Is there an updated guide for version 1.2.4 ?
I want to use ACS to CPE authentication but I can’t seem to find the correct implementation.
The new guide is not complete