Can not ping from modem to acs


I can’t ping from my modem to my acs, when i try to ping it from the acs side,i can get a ping. When it sends a request back to the acs it gets lost. And when im connected to the modem i can not ping nothing in my network.
On the modem there’s no NAT or firewall active

Hi fayerex1,

Have you checked your ACS firewall? Maybe you have enabled firewall like ‘iptables’ with some rules blocking ICMP

If you haven’t any firewall in your ACS, check your network devices config between ACS and you modem.



thanks i did look and i have no firewall active rn on the ACS,
I have my modems 2 on WANS they work fine and i have 2 on DSL, and this to dont work.
They get the request, but when they give a replay it gets lost and when i connect to modem via Putty i can’t ping nothing


In this case check routing config and services binding inside your modem. Some devices uses one WAN interface for internet and another for TR069.

Probably the default route in your modem will be “internet” wan interface and your TR069 packets are not routed correctly.