No communication between ACS and CPE

My genie working from CPE to ACS.

But it showing ACS to CPE no ping

can any one guide me

What is your setting in ACS and CPE side?

did you manage to fix it?

for Syrotech ONU it is communicating

for Genexis ONU it is not communicating

This is happening to us as well with a Yealink T46S and a Cisco 232D. Any idea?

no, we are using GX and Syrotech, some times it working and some times its not working

I was having a lot of trouble with acs->cpe too until i opened port 7547 IN on the CPE and limited it to src ACS-IP

The port on the CPEs you want to allow is the port specified in the ConnectionRequestURL parameter. For SmartRG and Adtran devices, the port is 30005, Zyxel and others its 7547.

The CPEs I’ve used automatically open the connection request port on the CPE. So unless there is some upstream filtering going on, there should be no need to explicitly open firewall ports for ACS → CPE authentication.