API "Summon" (Refresh Parameter) Issue!


I have read many topics in this forms and i didn’t fins any solution / answer for my question.
I have the below in my “default” provision:

I have delcare “InternetGatewayDevice” to refresh it and its all sub nodes but it does not work, also when i use ({“name”: “refreshObject”, “objectName”: “*”}) from the refresh API the sub nodes values does not return.
Its only work when i hit the “Summon” button manual.

Please check the below:
1- Using the API to Get the (InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice) Values (I want all sub nodes values) without hit summon button manually:

  • i have refresh all the parameters ({“name”: “refreshObject”, “objectName”: “*”})
  • i have refresh (InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice)
    output (POSTMAN):


2- After hit the summon button manually and then use the API to get the values:

All sub nodes values is here !!

Please i need help to use the API to get the sub nodes values at anytime i want.

Creating a duplicate topic will not entice people to help you resolve your issue. You might need to engage with a paid support contract.

I am seeing the same problem. What is different that I can see in the table tasks the parameter status: “pending” is missing. So I added it. Did not help. Digging through code, not much luck but seems it needs to execute the function getDueTasks from the api-functions lib maybe? It is just not executing any tasks from the nbi server to get live data until something else triggers it like the ui. I am using the xmpp source.

genieacs> db.tasks.find()
_id: ObjectId(“640b7a567a2c367e1517de1b”),
device: ‘000B82-GXW4216-21AWLERM7064B57A’,
name: ‘getParameterValues’,
status: ‘pending’,
parameterNames: [ ‘Device.Services.VoiceService.1.Capabilities.MaxLineCount’ ],
timestamp: ISODate(“2023-03-10T18:43:34.753Z”)
_id: ObjectId(“640b7a56efc06c99d836efea”),
device: ‘000B82-GXW4216-21AWLERM7064B57A’,
name: ‘refreshObject’,
objectName: ‘Device.Services.VoiceService.1.VoiceProfile’,
timestamp: ISODate(“2023-03-10T18:43:34.845Z”)

From the UI the record looks like this
_id: ObjectId(“640b7adc0ff36cb461b7a999”),
name: ‘getParameterValues’,
device: ‘000B82-GXW4216-21AWLERM7064B57A’,
parameterNames: [ ‘Device’ ],
status: ‘pending’,
timestamp: ISODate(“2023-03-10T18:45:48.756Z”)

Further investigation. It is working as designed. What I failed to detect with my php code is that the curl was responding with a 202 failed because the timeout is set to 5 and left it in the tasks to retry on inform. What is the fix, I do not know yet