How can I refresh parameters (alternative to summon button)

Hi! I’m trying to GET/PUT (with Postman) some parameters on my TR-069 device through GenieACS.
I’m doing the PUT requests with a configuration provision like this:

declare(“Device.DeviceInfo.TemperatureStatus.TemperatureSensor.1.HighAlarmValue”, null,{value: 60});
declare(“Device.DeviceInfo.TemperatureStatus.TemperatureSensor.1.LowAlarmValue”, null, {value: 0});

This works, but the parameter values only update after pressing the summon button. I just want it to be automatic, because in a near future I’m not going to use the GUI. I just want to PUT the parameters from remote, refresh them and then to be able to get them updated. Is this possible?
Thank you very much in advance.

@Fernando This will help you: What is CURL equivalent for GenieACS "SUMMON" button?

Hi @kyob thanks for the reply. I tryed to migrate that solution to my provision but it didn’t work. Do you know how to do it?
I tryed this:
but nothing happens

Refresh all:
or specific parameter:

@kyob still not working. I don’t have refreshObject on my parameters, may it be the problem? Or it is not a parameter per se?

Enable periodic informs and your changes will automatically be applied at the next periodic inform.

Hi @zaidka, how could I do that?? Thank you