Any way to "force" setting a parameter value?

Situation here is the newest branch of a particular “Smart” CPE vendor firmware doesn’t report a parameter that actually exists. I know the parameter exists because if I dump the running config, I see the entry right where I would expect it.

If I manually edit the data model in the DB and add the missing entry, I can set the value, and refresh the value. But until I manually create that entry (by hand editing the mongo data) I’m unable to make any changes.

So is there anyway to force GenieACS to refresh/set a value that it thinks does not exist?

No there isn’t. But you can patch your copy to artificially add the missing param in the GPN response right before it gets processed. Find the following line in session.js:

case "GetParameterNamesResponse":

Check if GPN request was for the parent of the param in question (or any ancestor and nextLevel = false). If so, add your parameter in the array ‘rpcRes.parameterList’. Hope that makes sense?