Set hidden Parameters


is it possible to set a value for a non-public parameter?

My vendor told me there are some hidden parameters I can set, but they’re not showing in the parameters catched from GenieACS.

Is it possible to do so?


You could try writing the data over the api or over a provisioning script.
You could also try setting this option to true inside the configuration. : cwmp.skipWritableCheck

cwmp.skipWritableCheck is not used for hidden parameters, but to override the case where a vendor (like say… Zyxel) reports a parameter as 0 when it really is writable. I found and reported this issue to @zaidka about 6-8 months ago.

You cannot write hidden params with a provision script because it verifies the desired parameter exists before attempting to set the value.

I haven’t tested if the API allows you to set hidden parameters.

@giuseppe Ask your vendor why the hell they made the parameters hidden, and why they won’t expose them. An ACS should not have to work around defective CPEs…

They misspelled “bug”.

Unfortunately not even the API can help you here. Other than having the vendor fix this, your only other option is to patch GenieACS and artifically inject these “hidden” parameters in the data model.


Thank you guys, I’ll report this to the vendor to solve this bug :smile:

They said it’s GenieACS fault, because with other ACS they can change this property, but it’s clearly a bug!

Other ACS’s may be able to change the parameter, but its because they are not following the specification.

I’ve had the best luck getting vendors to fix their broken stuff when I point to the exact line of the specification they are violating.

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