Advice about the genieacs

Hi all ,

I connected my Mikrotik CPE with genieacs and it’s working using TR069… But i have two question and need advice plz …

1- Is genieacs can monitor my CPE using SNMP …

2- If i need to add extensions script must be created in the /config/ext/ directory. (you’ll have to create the /ext/ directory) … So in Which path should create the dir. /ext/


What is the difference between the two path …

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  1. GenieACS cannot monitor your CPE using SNMP out of the box. The point of TR069 is to replace SNMP. You could certainly write a lot of code to monitor the CPE with SNMP.
  2. Extension scripts go in the GenieACS config directory (/usr/lib/node_modules/genieacs/config/ext). The GenieACS-gui directory is for the user interface.