Speedtest Ping and traceroute from a Mikrotik with GenieACS

Hello, I have seen a lot of TR-069 solutions that allow you to make diagnostics with Mikrotik like speedtest traceroute ping is it possible with GenieACS and to display it in genieacs?
Thanks in advance

What you are looking for is TR-143. There is no built-in automated way in GenieACS to initiate/gather the results.

You can write a preset with an event of 8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE to kick off a provision script to refresh the diagnostic data. One of the problems with the TR-069/143/181/etc specs is there is no provision for the CPE to tell you what diagnostics it performed. I’ve worked around this by storing the state in a vparam in GenieACS. Then when a diag complete event is received, I check which diagnostics were initiated and refresh the appropriate tree and package up the data and send it to our subscriber management system.

All of this will require you to write code in the form of provision scripts to sort out which diagnostic was performed, and then extension scripts to send the data to a third party system (if thats your goal).

Here is the vparam I use. Its pretty basic, it stores json data.

let value;

if ("value" in args[1]) {
    // Set declared value
    value = args[1].value;
} else if ("value" in args[3]) {
    // No declared value, keep current value
    value = args[3].value;
} else {
    // No current value, use default
    value = ['{}', 'xsd:string'];

return {writable: true, value: value};
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