What can trigger a modem to download it's provision?

I use Genieacs as a mid point between the modem and a server I use to monitor access points and modems in one spot. I upload a generic config to the modem via the modem gui and it connects to Genieacs and then I push it’s configs from a PHP MYSQL server via the API.
I have a Tplink modem which I was playing around with and pushed a config/provision from Genieacs to see if it would stick as the new factory state. It didn’t appear to work as I had to go through the setup again after pressing the reset button. Trouble is now roughly every 4 days it pulls the config/provision that I originally sent to it. So what can trigger this behaviour to keep downloading the config file?

Do you have a stale provision script that is doing this? Or some other job? Thats the only way I can think of for this to happen.

What is in the ACS log files?

I don’t use any provisioning scripts and there are no tasks in the list for this device. The logs show

/var/log/genieacs/genieacs-cwmp-access.log:2022-01-10T08:43:50.355Z [INFO] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx B0A7B9-IGD-xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Inform; cpeRequestId="4457" informEvent="2 PERIODIC" informRetryCount=0
/var/log/genieacs/genieacs-cwmp-access.log:2022-01-10T08:43:50.388Z [WARN] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx B0A7B9-IGD-xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Channel has faulted; channel="task_61b68b3949ab9903275fbd75" retries=6 faultCode="timeout" faultMessage="Download operation timed out"
/var/log/genieacs/genieacs-cwmp-access.log:2022-01-10T08:43:50.390Z [INFO] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx B0A7B9-IGD-xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ACS request; acsRequestId="17e43286e920000" acsRequestName="Download" acsRequestCommandKey="17e43286e920000"

and in the fs log
2022-01-10T08:43:51.970Z [INFO] xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: Fetch file; filename="ArcherVR300.bin"

I think the download fault is because the modem is behind NAT. If you look at the times the file is downloaded. The informs before that lot are just normal in the logs.

It’s every four days looking at the logs. I seem to remember something about failed tasks retrying to complete. Would that be every four days?

2022-01-10T08:43:51.970Z [INFO] xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Fetch file; filename="ArcherVR300.bin"
2022-01-14T10:01:04.942Z [INFO] xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Fetch file; filename="ArcherVR300.bin"
2022-01-18T11:15:35.235Z [INFO] xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Fetch file; filename="ArcherVR300.bin"
2022-01-22T12:31:30.207Z [INFO] xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Fetch file; filename="ArcherVR300.bin"

Is there anything listed under the faults tab? If not, have you tried restarting the cwmp process?


No there’s nothing under the faults tab and It just happened again. Every 4 days, 1 hour and roughly 15 minutes.
No tasks listed when I do:
curl -i "https://xxxxxxxxxx.com:7557/tasks/?query=%7B%22device%22%3A%22B0A7B9-IGD-xxxxxxxxxxxx%22%7D"

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
GenieACS-Version: 1.2.x+20210225064803
Content-Type: application/json
total: 0
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 21:45:46 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Keep-Alive: timeout=5
Transfer-Encoding: chunked



Is there a way to see failed tasks that will be retried?

Your version of GenieACS is almost a year old. Try upgrading to 1.2.8 and see if the issue repeats.

I can’t find what it was but I came across a change that stopped me upgrading last year. I can’t see what it was in the changelog so must have come across it in the forum. Surely there is a way to see what tasks are held and repeated.

v1.2.8 has been pretty rock solid for me. I bet whatever issue it was has been fixed by now :slight_smile:.

I think this is the issue Are operations meant do be deleted? - #9 by perotta