Variable config

I am testing ACS server with Mirotik Devices. I have little bite issue and tried several ways but not solved my issue yet. I have modified device page and added some required information as a Table. My problem can explain with following example.
I Need to show Available NATs of the device in the ACS device page. So I added - label: "'Firewall Nats'" parameter: Device.Firewall.X_MIKROTIK_NAT.Chain type: "'parameter-table'" childParameters: - label: "'Name'" parameter: Name - label: "'Source Address'" parameter: SourceIPRange - label: "'Action'" parameter: Rule.Target - label: "'Status'" parameter: Enable device configuration table. but it not show all the required fields ( Target, source address etc…) then I followed Mikrotik Wiki and found device parameters (
in my case main parameter is “Device.Firewall.X_MIKROTIK_NAT.Chain” but required other parameter are in “Device.Firewall.X_MIKROTIK_NAT.Chain.{i}.Rule.{i}.”. how can I show them in a single table