Genie 1.2.3 MikroTik devices detected, how to update the table header?

hi all,

i success to install genieacs 1.2.3 and it can detect all mikrotik devices connected.

but it does not shows the devices identity, software version installed and ip address.

which files should be altered for the above needs ?

thank you


Go to Admin then Config down on left. Buttons at the bottom “edit index page” “edit device page”. Copy and paste the contents out of them as a backup. Then
Device page setting up TR096 with GenieACS for MikroTik Devices · GitHub
Index page Setting up TR069 with GenieACS for MikroTik Devices. · GitHub
I haven’t tried these but they look correct.

thank you webtron,

here is my edited devices index page. I am not using 100% from that link.

I have to add the parameter cwmp.deviceOnlineThreshold = 10000 as well as i got “No contact from device” messages from the devices when summon clicked.

Anyway, as i am using different / custom both Index Page and Device Page than i will not be able get the information from other devices such as ONT Huawei and ZTE. I have to use another machine for that purpose. Am I right ? CMIIW.

Thank you.


hi all,

i found some parameters does not work on device page so i do some modification become as follow:

  • type: “‘tags’”
  • type: “‘ping’”
  • type: “‘parameter-list’”
    • element: “‘span.inform’”
      label: “‘Last inform’”
      parameter: DATE_STRING(Events.Inform)
      type: “‘container’”
      • type: “‘parameter’”
      • chart: “‘online’”
        type: “‘overview-dot’”
      • type: “‘summon-button’”
        • Device.DeviceInfo.X_MIKROTIK_SystemIdentity
        • Device.DeviceInfo.Description
        • Device.DeviceInfo.ManufacturerOUI
        • Device.DeviceInfo.HardwareVersion
        • Device.DeviceInfo.ProductClass
        • Device.DeviceInfo.ModelName
        • Device.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber
        • Device.Ethernet.Interface.1.MACAddress
        • Device.WiFi.SSID.1.MACAddress
        • Device.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion
        • Device.DeviceInfo.UpTime
        • Device.DHCPv4.Client.1.IPAddress
        • Device.IP.Interface.1.IPv4Address.1.IPAddress
        • Device.WiFi.SSID.1.SSID
        • Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.AssociatedDeviceNumberOfEntries
        • Device.WiFi.SSID.2.SSID
        • Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.2.AssociatedDeviceNumberOfEntries
        • Device.DeviceInfo.X_MIKROTIK_ArchName
        • Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.AssociatedDevice
        • Device.Hosts.Host
    • label: “‘Manufacturer’”
      parameter: DeviceID.Manufacturer
    • label: “‘Description’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.Description
    • label: “‘OUI’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.ManufacturerOUI
    • label: “‘Hardware version’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.HardwareVersion
    • label: “‘Product class’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.ProductClass
    • label: “‘Model Name’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.ModelName
    • label: “‘Serial number’”
      parameter: DeviceID.SerialNumber
    • label: “‘Ethernet 1 MAC’”
      parameter: Device.Ethernet.Interface.1.MACAddress
    • label: “‘Wireless 1 MAC’”
      parameter: Device.WiFi.SSID.1.MACAddress
    • label: “‘Software version’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion
    • label: “‘UP Time’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.UpTime
    • label: “‘IDENT’”
      parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.X_MIKROTIK_SystemIdentity
    • label: “‘IP’”
      parameter: Device.IP.Interface.1.IPv4Address.1.IPAddress
    • label: “‘WLAN SSID’”
      parameter: Device.WiFi.SSID.1.SSID
    • label: “‘WLAN passphrase’”
      parameter: Device.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.KeyPassphrase
  • label: “‘WLAN hosts’”
    parameter: Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.AssociatedDevice
    type: “‘parameter-table’”
    • label: “‘MAC address’”
      parameter: MACAddress
    • label: “‘Signal’”
      parameter: SignalStrength
    • label: “‘SNR’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.SignalToNoise
    • label: “‘Rx Packet’”
      parameter: Stats.PacketsReceived
    • label: “‘Tx Packet’”
      parameter: Stats.PacketsSent
    • label: “‘Rx Byte’”
      parameter: Stats.BytesReceived
    • label: “‘Tx Byte’”
      parameter: Stats.BytesSent
    • label: “‘Rx CCQ’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.RxCCQ
    • label: “‘Tx CCQ’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.TxCCQ
    • label: “‘Rx Frame’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.RxFrames
    • label: “‘Tx Frame’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.TxFrames
    • label: “‘HwRx Frame’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.RxHwFrames
    • label: “‘HwTx Frame’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.TxHwFrames
    • label: “‘Rx FrameByte’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.RxFrameBytes
    • label: “‘Tx FrameByte’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.TxFrameBytes
    • label: “‘HwRx FrameByte’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.RxHwFrameBytes
    • label: “‘HwTx FrameByte’”
      parameter: X_MIKROTIK_Stats.TxHwFrameBytes
  • label: “‘DHCP hosts’”
    parameter: Device.Hosts.Host
    type: “‘parameter-table’”
    • label: “‘IP address’”
      parameter: IPAddress
    • label: “‘MAC address’”
      parameter: PhysAddress
    • label: “‘Host name’”
      parameter: HostName
    • label: “‘Interface’”
      parameter: Layer1Interface
  • element: “‘div’”
    type: “‘container’”
    • element: “‘h3’”
      type: “‘container’”
      • “‘Faults’”
    • type: “‘device-faults’”
  • element: “‘div.container-full-width’”
    type: “‘container’”
    • element: “‘h3’”
      type: “‘container’”
      • “‘All parameters’”
    • type: “‘all-parameters’”
  • type: “‘device-actions’”

the result like the following picture:

any advice will be appricated

Thank you