V1.2 with behind nginx load balancer

Currently I’m using several v1.1s behind nginx. I run without any issue with this version. My configuration is : 1 nbi, 1 gui and several acs servers, 1 mongodb, and 1 redis server.

I have tested v1.2 in preparation to use it as replacement of existing v1.1. But my test was never success with multiple v1.2 behind nginx (load balancer), nbi task or task that was sent via gui was never executed.

Is there any specific configuration that I have to put in order to get similar server configuration with the existing v1.1 ?

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v1.2 shouldn’t be any different from v1.1 in that regard. Do note though that in v1.2’s UI, the tasks are not kept indefinitely in the queue. If the device wasn’t online at the time the task is pushed then the task will automatically be deleted after a few seconds. That may be what you’re seeing here.

Hi, I use V1.1.3 and nginx; it has not been successful,
I configured according to the documentation,
But it has been unsuccessful;
What should I pay attention to when configuring nginx?
Can you share the configuration of nginx?
Can I share the configuration of cong.json?
And auth.js… Thank you very much.
Or can you help me check it ?

How many servers do you put behind nginx ?

Only one, but HTTPS is not available

have you checked the log of nginx and genieacs ?

Hi, found some interesting behavior from CPE side when using Load balancer (F5) to terminate HTTPS.
The CPE can successful authenticates with ACS only first and second time (session). After second successful session, the third one start as continue from second one. Some how CPE did not close/forget the second session (Digest authentication) and in third one still using those ones from second session.

Could it be something like this?