Nginx Error 502

I run genieacs behind a nginx reverse proxy.
sometimes the tr069 process fails.

The cpe sees error 502 from the reverse proxy, nginx says
upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream
Genieacs says “The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated”

I am running version 1.2.4, bevor that a had 1.2.2

Is there a way to fix the proxy, that this problem does not occur.?

I have switched back to 1.2.2, there I had no problems.

I have tested it with 1.2.3, there I had the problems on nginx site and cpe site, but no logs about “The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated”

Watching this thread. I’m running genieacs behind an haproxy reverse proxy and also seeing a number of “The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated” messages.

2021-03-11T15:21:41.690Z [INFO] <CPE IP > 487746-ENT-CXNK006EF7XX:   ACS request; acsRequestId="17821e10ac60103" acsRequestName="GetParameterNames"
2021-03-11T15:21:41.691Z [ERROR] <CPE IP > 487746-ENT-CXNK006EF7XX: Connection dropped
2021-03-11T15:21:41.691Z [WARN] <CPE IP > 487746-ENT-CXNK006EF7XX: Channel has faulted; channel="ENT_VLAN_R" retries=1 faultCode="session_terminated" faultMessage="The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated"