Is there any option for Speed TEST?

Can we do similar like Return specific parameters for a given device
To check the speed of the internet?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly.

InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DownloadURL http://someserver/100MB.bin
InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.TimeBasedTestDuration 20

commit then set:
InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState Requested

the last parameter will trigger a download test, once completed it will fire a DIAGNOSTIC_COMPLETE event on the ACS, from there you can refresh the results parameters of the test and see what happened.

same apply for UploadDiagnostics, the only difference is you need to setup an public ftp first:

declare( "InternetGatewayDevice.UploadDiagnostics.UploadURL", {value: )}, { value: "" + + Math.random() + ".bin" } );

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Depending on the capabilities of the device, you can do HTTP upload testing. The CPE will POST data of the specified size to the given URL. We exclusively do HTTP testing for up and download speeds.

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Hi…@rudymartin I have made some changes, that you have said. But where should I get the value. In, “InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState” what parameters should be added.

my conf. looks like this.

I got this errror while requesting to CPE.error speed

that error means either testing server is unreacheable or wrong user/pass. First off, if it’s an ftp server, test you can actually access it, then test if you can ping it from the CPE

about the results I have mentioned, they are all stored as parameters under the same path. All that is left is to pick which one you need and refresh them.




search for DiagnosticsState, you will find info about that parameter.

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Thanks. now it works.