Upload diagnostics on Huawei

hi all

this is a fragment of the provisioning JS code I use to send parameters to the CPE during a diagnostic upload attempt

    parte1.push( [ "InternetGatewayDevice.UploadDiagnostics.UploadURL", { value: Date.now( ) }, { value: "ftp://anonymous:123@ftp.here.com/incoming/" + Date.now() + Math.random() + ".bin" } ] );
    parte1.push( [ "InternetGatewayDevice.UploadDiagnostics.TestFileLength", { value: Date.now( ) }, { value: 504800000 } ] );
    parte1.push( [ "InternetGatewayDevice.UploadDiagnostics.TimeBasedTestDuration", { value: Date.now( ) }, { value: 20 } ] );

    parte2 = [ ];
    parte2.push( [ "InternetGatewayDevice.UploadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState", { value: Date.now( ) }, { value: "Requested" } ] );

made it into two sections because the second one is the real diagnostic starter (IOW: I wanted to make the code as generic as possible since it’s shared with Download diagnostic). Values are picked based on our current speed we are selling to our customers.

It works fine with Huawei models HG8145V5 and EG8141A5

recently we had to buy another model, HS8546V5. Download diagnostics works fine but upload works erratically. Sometimes it show a bit of traffic then stop (test is supposed to be running for 20 seconds at most) and sometimes it does work but traffic is erratic (ie: it does not consumes all upload bandwidth and there’s no other device using the network).

This particular model seems to be used in ISP in China (even the usual LEDs are labeled in Chinese) and even the FW was in Chinese but it was replaced it with an English version.

question: has anyone encountered this problem before ? Or, if there’s some additional parameters I might have overlooked.

frankly I’m disappointed with Huawei’s products, I take it it’s a very cheap router so I won’t be surprised if no-one answer this.

thanks in advance

Your params are correct for upload diagnostics. Sounds like a bug in the f/w. You can send all the params at one time (including the DiagnosticsState param).

When requested, the CPE SHOULD wait until after completion of the communication session with the ACS before starting the diagnostic.

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