Upgrade default installation (1.2.5) to include changes in XMPP branch

I am new to GenieACS and need some help on upgrading the default installation (1.2.5) with changes in XMPP branch. I have installed the GenieACS 1.2.5 by following the installation guide and it works fine. The GenieACS server should be able to communicate with CPE devices behind NAT, but the devices which we have doesn’t support STUN/UDP request. So I wanted to try the XMPP implementation in GenieACS. Here are a few questions I have regarding building from source code and upgrade of existing installation:

  1. I have merged the master with XMPP branch, should I build the merged source code on the server where GenieACS is already installed or on a separate server?
  2. After I build the source with XMPP changes, how do I upgrade the existing installation of GenieACS? Which all binaries should I replace in the existing GenieACS server and what all services should I restart? If there are steps to follow somewhere and someone can point me to that it will be great.
  3. I have already configured an XMPP sever (ejabberd). What other changes should I make on GenieACS server to make it work with the XMPP server?
  4. Are there any changes I have to make on the CPE side for GenieACS to work with XMPP?

Thank you!


Have you read this article?
If you haven’t seen it yet, it might give you some insight into your question.

Thank you, I upgraded it successfully.