Unexpected response code from device: 401

Hello friends I have a problem with the server, several days ago I tried to connect an ont huawei HG8546M for autoconfiguration but without success, I am not a programmer so I ask for collaboration from people who are really experts, the first time I deal with this type of server I do not have any experience so I ask for patience, I have searched the entire forum but did not find a solution, I have reinstalled the server 7 times and it is always the same result the ont connects appears in the interface but is not allowed to configure in any way it always comes out the error Unexpected response code from device: 401

and the truth is I don’t know what to do, it doesn’t even restart that message always appears in red at the top, someone knows what it is due to or what needs to be configured on the server, because in the previous version that had the gui apart, the ont connects, it is allowed to configure restart and make any changes while in this latest version 1.2.3 I can do nothing.
Thanks in advance to those who can help me and guide me to get the server up and running

look at ACS to CPE authentication. This has been covered on the forum.

thanks for your answer but i was using this configuration
and it didn’t work, really reading it helped me was this
reply from friend zaidka
thank you anyway your answer helped me to know where to direct my search