The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated - v1.2.9

I am using genieacs version 1.2.9. I am getting this issue frequently like the CPEs goes offline and showing “The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated” in fault. in real CPEs are online. i can access them by the web directly and the configuration in CPE for cwmp url is perfect. nothing change. but still it’s giving this error.


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No one is replying… Please help.

A number of reasons are possible. One if them is a timeout. Make a packet capture and check what has been sent just before the error.

E.g. what i have observed myself is that the device takes too long to return a requested parameter value.

Post the packet capture and play around with the timeouts…

this could be happening also if your are behind a proxy, a issue that what i can saw in the forum, can not be fixed.

Understanding the Error:

  • “The TR-069 session was unsuccessfully terminated” indicates a communication failure between the CPEs and GenieACS during a TR-069 session.
  • CPEs appear offline in GenieACS despite being accessible via the web.