I want to use these parameters to ping any IP address on the router and display the result on the GenieACS page

I want to use these parameters to ping any IP address on the router and display the result on the GenieACS page. How can this be done? My router has a ping option in the diagnostics section with the following parameters. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.AverageResponseTime
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.DSCP
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.DataBlockSize
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.FailureCount
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Host
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Interface
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.MaximumResponseTime
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.MinimumResponseTime
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.NumberOfRepetitions
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.SuccessCount
  • InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics.Timeout

im add thi following config to my device page its correct or not

  • label: “‘IP PING’”
    parameter: InternetGatewayDevice.IPPingDiagnostics
    type: “‘parameter-table’”
    • label: “‘AVG ResponseTime’”
      parameter: AverageResponseTime

    • label: “‘DSCP’”
      parameter: DSCP

    • label: “‘DataBlockSize’”
      parameter: DataBlockSize

    • label: “‘DiagnosticsState’”
      parameter: DiagnosticsState

    • label: “‘FailureCount’”
      parameter: FailureCount

    • label: “'Host '”
      parameter: Host

    • label: “‘Interface’”
      parameter: Interface

    • label: “‘MaximumResponseTime’”
      parameter: MaximumResponseTime

    • label: “‘MinimumResponseTime’”
      parameter: MinimumResponseTime

    • label: “‘SuccessCount’”
      parameter: SuccessCount

    • label: “‘Timeout’”
      parameter: Timeout

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Give me 1 example

The type parameter-table is for items with an instance ID, like InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.Hosts.Host and so it will not work for this purpose.

You can parameter-list to get close to accomplishing what you would like. It won’t be listed in a table though. You will need to change the param names to match your setup.

- type: "'parameter-list'"
      - label: "'Ping Avg ResponseTime'"
        parameter: Device.IP.Diagnostics.IPPing.AverageResponseTime
      - label: "'Ping DSCP'"
        parameter: Device.IP.Diagnostics.IPPing.DSCP
      - label: "'Ping DataBlockSize'"
        parameter: Device.IP.Diagnostics.IPPing.DataBlockSize
      - label: "'Ping Host'"
        parameter: Device.IP.Diagnostics.IPPing.Host
      - label: "'Ping Interface'"
        parameter: Device.IP.Diagnostics.IPPing.Interface