Some Questions about GenieACS capabilities

I have the below questions about genieacs capabilities and I hope the community can support me:

1- Is IPv6 supported?
2- Is UDP protocol supported?
3- Is auto-detection for the device structure?

What do you mean by #3? Do you mean the TR-181 vs TR-69 data model? If so, then yes thats supported.

As for #2, UDP connection requests are supported I believe.

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thanks for your reply, what I mean is (sorry because I’m new to the whole subject). if any TR-069 device from any vendor is talking to GenieACS and the device parameters used might differ between vendors. does GenieACS detect all the device parameters without the need to tell it the vendor and the data model (structure) implemented by this vendor?

I’ve checked this url after your answer:

Yes Genie does. Part of the spec is GetParamterNames/GetParameterValues. So the way this works is GenieACS (any ACS really) does a GPN (to the CPE) for “.” and the CPE returns either “InternetGatewayDevice” or “Device” then the ACS does a GPN “InternetGatewayDevice.” or “Device.” notice the trailing “.” Then the CPE returns everything under IGD or Device, shampoo, rinse, repeat for all values that need to be set via a provision script or preset.

GenieACS does not refresh the entire device model from the CPE, it only pulls the values needed to satisfy a provision script or preset. Refreshing the entire data model can take several minutes, depending on the connection speed and amount of horsepower on the CPE.

Vendor specific parameter names begin with “X_”, example “InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.X_SMARTRG_COM_BRCM_BUF_MEM_PRCNT”

Does that answer your question?

Does it retrieves InternetGatewayDevice.FAPService1 as well? , can use this kind of CPE to communicate with ACS?