SIM data usage on device


I have one request so maybe someone can help.
Like I write in some previus post I use GeniesASC for monitor data of MikroTik LTE data. (imei,rsrp,sinr,rsrq,accees technologle, bandinfo…) BUT I like to add option to see SIM data usage for every device.
There is param for this Device.Cellular.Interface.{i}.Stats.BytesSent, and Device.Cellular.Interface.{i}.Stats.BytesReceived and I add this.
BUT problem is that, when Mikrotik is power off or reboot, modem is rebooted, this data again start from zero. And I don’t have total data for one month.
Is there way to create some script to store this data for every device, and acumulate it, so I can see total data usage from 01-31 in mounth, after that to reset to 0. Important is that any reboot of Mikrotik don’t show false numbers on server (starting from 0).


I believe the commercial version of GenieACS has built-in support for historicals. You would need to contact for more information on the commercial features.

You could also accomplish this by setting your Mikrotiks to inform every hour and then writing some code to periodicly query the ACS and store those values you need.