Keep historical data of a parameter

Hi there,
I’m new using TR-069 protocol and Genie is a great tool.
But I need help with a task.
Everytime I reboot my device the parameter InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANEthernetInterfaceConfig.Stats.BytesReceived is reseted to 0.
Is there a way save this data inside an external database using some kind of provision?
Thanks in advance and please feel free to ask me any question about this.

hmmm… You can call provision every inform event. And in provision you can call externall js script, that can do everything, including connect to external database.
But I think that you doing something wrong… If you want monitoring speed on port maybe better use snmp to device, or API geniecs?

@japoninja create a vparam and in the script collect the values you need (e.g. BytesReceived) and call an extension to have that saved in a database. Create a preset that refreshes the vparam periodically.

Hi Zaidka,
Thanks for the idea.
How can I use an extension to export the data?
Do you have any example to provide me?

Look at the provisioning workflow example. It shows how to create an extension script, and send data from GenieACS to another server using the ext script.