Server specifications for hosting Genieacs in production environment

Can you please provide some guidance about the the specifications for a server or VM used for hosting Genieacs in a production environment. Assume Genieacs is managing 2000 devices and device Periodic Inform Interval is set to 1 hour. Assume Genieacs will set parameters in the devices primarily when a device boots up (which will be rarely). Genieacs will also be used for upgrading firmware in the devices.

Or can you please share the specifications (memory, CPUs, swap partition, harddisk) of the server/VM is that hosting your production Genieacs and how many devices your production Genieacs managing.


We use a quad processor vm with 8gb of ram and 30gb of storage. We have more customers than you are trying to serve and have the inform set to 1hr. I cannot disclose how many customers we serve.


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