What is the minimum Hardware requirment for Genie?

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Can some one confirm what is the minimum Hardware requirement for Genie ?

I am looking to install Genie in my Lab for managing 5 to 10 different variants of CPE.

If someone can recommend the hardware sizing in terms of the CPU , RAM and HDD Requirement.


In my GenieACS 1.2 lab I have vm with 2 cores, 3G Ram, 12G hdd and 7 working cpe.
If I leave debug on for a week or little longer, it takes the whole disk :wink:

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We run genie/mongo/redis on a 4 core 2.6ghz vm w/8gb ram and a 50gb disk thats mostly empty. Our uptime is just shy of 5 months, with the only reason for downtime is kernel upgrades. Our 15 minute CPU average is .56, which equates to about half of one CPU.

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can you share with us an approximate number of CPEs and what is the periodic inform interval (if enabled)? thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Max - 10 CPEs

I am planning to keep the inform interval to 300sec.

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sorry, the question was for @akcoder :slightly_smiling_face:
In your case I think the minimum requirements are for the underlying components and system. So for example if you plan to install genie-acs on debian linux, those are: 512Mb RAM, 1GHz pentium, 10GB HDD space, but I think it’s better to have at least 1GB RAM because of mongodb.

Sorry, I cannot share the number of CPEs, but I will say its a multiple of thousands. The inform interval is 1800 seconds (30 minutes) for provisioned CPEs, and 5 seconds for unprovisioned CPEs, of which we currently have 10.