Replace serial number with another value


we have new device deployed, and in the serial the value is too long . Is there any way to get the IMEI value of CPE and replace it with the serial only for that kind of CPE’s

Define to long? What is saying the value is to long? GenieACS?

And to answer your question, yes its possible. But you would need to patch the code to make that happen.

the below is example of the serial number
i want to replace it with IMEI of that device if its possible


Just because you don’t like the length of the value doesn’t mean its to long. You have to go back to the specification.

The specification defines that both InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber and Device.­Device­Info.SerialNumber are a string with a maximum length of 64 characters. This covers both TR-069 and TR-181.

The serial number you pasted above is 32 characters in length. 32 is half of 64. Therefore the serial number the CPE is sending is not in fact “too long.”

Can we replace it with IMEI serial or it cant be done ?

See above

I have some problem with Serial Number ont zte.
Serial number ont in Genieacs are different with the label of ONT and OLT. What the problem of this case…??

zte inform D-sn not sn, are different number with no relation between… need to ask zte to change it on the firmware.