ONT ZTE and Genieacs

Dear All

I have been succeeded installing genieacs v1.2.8 on my ubuntu 18.04 server, and I also succeeded integrating between ONT ZTE F660 and GenieACS Server so the ONTs are listed on GenieACS server, the problem is I can’t summon nor change the device SSID on the GenieACS the log always said:

faultCode: “9003”
faultString: Invalid arguments

  • parameterName: InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.PeriodicInformTime
    faultCode: “9007”
    faultString: Invalid parameter value


“Device is Offline”

I always think it seem the problem is because my acs server is not in the same network, and i have been tried to make it to the same network, the problem and the logs are still the same

then I think maybe the virtual parameters are need to be configured because i have not configure it yet for ONT ZTE.

Do you all have the parameters for ONT ZTE, or anything that might solve this problem.

This is the topology I used

Genie ACS Server-CoreRouter-RouterDistribution-OLT-ONT

can you ping the ACS from the CPE ? can you push changes from the web interface ? have you enabled debug? if so, check the request id of the fault and look for the value being pushed to the CPE.

always provide as much context as possible.

can you show me how to integrating ZTEONT and GeniACS server? I’m stuck in integrating