Read Value Change Parameter in the inform message

Hi all,

I have enabled active notification attribute on wifi channel change in order to see the most troubled devices on WiFi. I know that “4 VALUE CHANGE” inform message contains the parameter for which the notification is active, but I have no idea how to read it. Because I could set others notifications I would like to know for which exact parameter the notification came. Is that possible?


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Hi @bajojoba,

“4 VALUE CHANGE” is an event sended by CPE that informs you that CPE config was changed but not contains any additional information.

You need to manage your provisions to read the values that you like when this event occurs.


hi @fdavidcn,

The “4 VALUE CHANGE” inform message contains information which value on which parameter has changed. It’s clearly seen in the picture below. I’m not sure how it would work in any other way… I can create the provisions, but why wouldn’t I use the given information?

Hi @bajojoba,

Sorry you’re right i was confused… yes the inform message contains the values were changed.

As i said, this is only a event message that informs you that some config on CPE was changed. You need to create a preset on GenieACS with this event and launch a provision script with your desired action to apply on CPE.

As example in your provision code you need to write a script that reads the values of your endpoints and take an action based on that