Support for Get/SetParameterAttributes RPCs

I’d love to see the GetParameterAttributes and SetParameterAttributes RPCs supported, which would allow us to set passive and active notification on attributes that we wish to be notified of changes to.

This was discussed previously on the mailing list and I believe this was planned for the next major release.

The proposed task structure:

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This is in my to do list and I intend for it to be in v1.2. But honestly I don’t consider it being a high priority so if the next release drags for too long then this might get axed :slight_smile: If you’re interested in contributing this feature I’d be happy to help.

I need to configure the contents of Inform messages. As far as I know this is done by invoking SetParameterAttributes to change the Notification setting to 1 = Passive notification.

Is support for this RPC included in v1.2 and if so, how do I access it please?

That’s implemented in the branch ‘attributes’ and will be merged with master prior to final v1.2 release. You can set notification attributes like this:

declare("a.b.c", null, {notification: <value>});
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That’s great news, thank you.

Any ETA for the merge and release?

Fantastic! Thanks for working on adding this, having it will make our lives a lot easier and enable us to remove a bunch of code we put in our app to work around not being able to receive inform notifications when specific fields change.

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Very soon! But I’ve been saying that to myself for a few months now :worried:

Greatly appreciate all your hard work, thank you. Eagerly awaiting the release as this feature is needed for my project.

Also waiting for this. Would solve a lot of problems I have with devices changing their inform interval to 20 seconds. Thanks.

This was released in GenieACS v1.2.0:

It’s released but unfortunately not yet documented. But here’s how to set the notification attribute of a parameter:

declare("InternetGatewayDevice.SomeParameter", {notification: timestamp}, {value: 1});

How to set access list or other attributes?

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Why are you resurrecting a thread from 2 years ago thats not related to your question? Necromancy is frowned upon. Please create your own thread.


As mentioned above, I have found that the SetParameterAttributes and GetParameterAttributes rpc interfaces are not currently provided, but I would like to implement them through the API

now , Is this api implemented?

How to getAttributes?