New external IP but no Inform sent

we have some devices that changed their public IP ( WANPPPConnection.1.ExternalIPAddress ) but we didn’t receive any inform or event after this change then we lost connectivity with their connectionRequestURL . Should we place an “Active Notification” on ‘ExternalIPAddress’ to get this change ?

do you get a VALUE CHANGE event at least?

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You need to set the notification on that parameter. No CPE I have in my inventory, nor any I’ve tested sends a notification on IP change by default. Put this line in your default inform script:

declare("InternetGatewayDevice.​WANDevice.*.​WANConnectionDevice.​*.​WANPPPConnection.​*.ExternalIPAddress", {notification:}, {value: 1});
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No we didn’t receive any event .
i’v using @akcoder solution and check this out if it working or not .

The more I think about it, the second param should change to {notification: 1} otherwise every time the CPE informs GenieACS will tell the CPE it needs to notify on that param.