Question about services


Can you confirm that the different services: ui, cwmp, fs and nbi can work without communicating directly with each other.
My use case is a deployment in a kubernetes cluster. I don’t want to run these services in the same Pod (container). I preferred that each service be in its own container.
So I need to know if they are independent of each other.
If they just need to communicate with the database, maybe have a shared directory on the filesystem?

Thank you for your answers

They need the same database and outgoing connection to the cpe’s as the connection request is done by the nbi and UI components.

I had a test case where my genieacs CWMP Module and the dB where on a different machine as the UI. The cpe was behind some nat, so I was not able to perform connection requests from the main server.
My solution was installing the UI on a laptop, which I but behind the cpe. So the laptop did perform the connection request, when triggered from the UI and I could do my tests with the device.

Thank you ,

So that shouldn’t be a problem. Connections will be made via the same interface in the same management network, with the same IP.
it’s just that the different services won’t see each other, via localhost.

I will test with your help on env .