Query to list all Tags

Hello ALL

I search to create querry in order to do list all Tags

Do you know how I do ?

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What are you trying to do?

I’m in the process of creating a php router management page using the GenieACS API.
I’m looking to create a search box with a select to filter out routers with a specific tag.
I also need to retrieve the complete list of existing tags.

can you help me

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I don’t believe there is an existing mechanism to get a list of all the tags on devices.

There are two ways you can accomplish your goal. You can query the NBI for all devices, and use a projection to only return the tags, then do some filtering.

This curl command will show you whats possible: curl https://your-ip-or-fqdn:7557/devices?projection=_tags:


The other option is to connect to the MongoDB instance and do your querying/distinct/projection using MongoDB.

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Hello all,
Thank you

Its work

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