V1.2 possibility to parse tags

Hi, it would be nice to “parse” tags. For example to set a tag like Tags.Name_BranchOffice10 and in a provision you can loop through all set tags for the device, check for tags starting with “Name” to set information dynamically without an ext() script. If there is a way already, how do you achieve it? Thanks in advance.

You can loop through tags and do stuff, which is what I think you want to do? Here’s what my colleague came up with to preserve and reinsert a tag through a bootstrap:


let now = Date.now();

clear("Device", now);
clear("InternetGatewayDevice", now);

const reNoupdate = new RegExp("^Tags\..*noupdate$");

let tags = declare("Tags.*", {value: 1});

let noupdate = false;

for (let tag of tags) {
if (reNoupdate.test(tag.path)) {
    noupdate = true;

declare("Tags.*", null, {value: false});

if (noupdate) {
  declare("Tags.noupdate", null, {value: true});

Thanks for the example. That’s what I’ve been looking for.