Proper setting of Preset

hi all,

what is the proper way to use preset ?
for example:

  • when i need to execute provision “firmware-upgrade” on 3am
  • when i need to upload “3 Vendor Configuration File” on 6am next morning

thank you

A preset can execute a provision based on a set of conditions. This preset I created executes every morning between 2 and 4 am. Preset schedules are based on UTC and specified in cron format.

ups… base on UTC ?
i already set my ubuntu according to the local timezone. is it stil using UTC ?

i tried to set it up and it won’t run.

update… it’s run after put " before and after the serial number.
so the precondition become Device.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber = “94A3093670D7”

let say if i want to execute the command on 1 am every date=1, than the schedule become 290 0 1 1 * *, is it correct ?
another, if i want to execute the command by tomorrow (sept 30) on 5 pm, than the scuedule become 290 0 17 30 9 *, is it correct ?
and the date & time using GMT / UTC

Yes, everything in Genie is in UTC.

any idea how to use tag on preset ?
example, execute provision test with condition tag=“TEST”

thank you

This is for an older version of GenieACS, but the concepts are the same.