Genieacs doesnot refresh some parameter node

Hi Team,
Iam facing a issue that is, some of the parameter node is not refreshing. and we get successfully task complete message. As per the observation i found that, Genieacs not sending get param request to CPE device while refreshing a specific node. Can you please suggest some solution for that,

Thank in advance,

If at all possible, provide a way to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment.

Sorry for the delay. the issue is, parameter having 17 node or > then 17 will note able to refresh.
Example case is ,
Parameter name with 17 nested node
the above node with child node zzzz not able to refresh.
@zaidka @rudymartin

As @rudymartin said, you need to be precise. You’ve typed out a nebulous parameter tree and said it doesn’t work. But you haven’t provided any documentation or logs. No one can help you without detailed logs and error messages.

Surprised your device has parameters that are 17 levels deep! By default Genie will refresh parameters up to level 16 when you hit refresh from the UI. To increase that, set the environment variable GENIEACS_MAX_DEPTH. Don’t use a value mcuh higher than you really need.

Yes, The fix is working fine. Thank you so much for your support @zaidka