Permission: Set filter while adding New permission


Need help in How to add a filter while adding new permission. and what is it used for?

Hi, @akcoder @zaidka

Can you help in the process of adding a filter while setting new permission? and what is it used for?

The filter field lets you give a user access to only a subset of devices. Use “true” (no quotes) to allow access to all devices.

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Deeply appreciate your response,

But I’m unable to set the filter part, can you give an example for it?


Just put true without the quotes. This is a dynamically evaluated SQL-like expression.

Hi @zaidka

My query was regarding the Filter part, as you have mentioned before it allows us to give access to a subset of devices, So, through which we will be able to provide access to certain lists of devices right? Likewise in Validate we write “true” without the quotations with filter Table empty it allows all access of the devices listed.
How do we set the filter portion?

also is there any possibility of allowing users to summon “to read and write” certain parameters once they have selected the devices, to restrict the user’s access to devices settings, As of role bases model.
Because if we select read while creating the new permissions, users with that role are not allowed to make any changes in any of the set parameters,

Any possibility in Genie ACS UI, So that we set admin with all access which is possible, and set users with certain parameters with both read/write access and certain parameters with only read?

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sir, cant you give me label and parameter remote acces control please

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