Multitenancy in genieacs

Hi #zaidka
I am trying to set the functionality of multiuser login, so that every logged in user can only sees its CPEs.

Is it possible and how ?

GenieACS is not designed for multitenancy.

You could accomplish this by creating separate Mongo instances for each tenant. And separate cwmp/nbi/gui configuration to point to the appropriate mongo instance.

That is going to be the easiest, but not the most efficient way. Otherwise, you are going to have to write code.

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Multitenancy is not supported nor is it currently a planned feature. That said, it is possible to utilize the permissions system in restrict access for different users to different subsets of your devices based on a predefined filter.


We have tried to do this and it works for the Devices table. When we also try to give access to faults with the same filter (matching a device parameter), the faults tab shows nothing. When removing the filter, the faults tab shows faults for all devices, including the filtered ones. I assume the issue is that the faults filter is filtering the faults table itself which has different fields. Is there a way to filter faults to restrict devices to a subset?