New device notification

Our team is currently using Genieacs REST APIs for the CPE management. We can get all the devices connected with ACS using the get API for which we getting the parodic inform and we scan through the list to figureout if there is a new device.
Is there a better way through which I can figure out if there is a new device connected with the ACS.
We need it to generate a notification that a new device is now connected with the ACS.

You can edit the bootstrap handler to execute a script to notify you via a callback URL. Drawback is that it will also inform you of devices that are factory-reset too.


What is your end goal? Do you want to be notified when a new device is on the network? Or do you want to provision the new (or factory defaulted) device?

Thanks mslavkov and akcoder. We want a notification when a new device is added to the network.