Update status in the index page


In the index page I need to have Device.PPP.Interface. *. ConnectionStatus updated approximately every 30/60 seconds with the status present in the CPU.

Is it possible to do this with GenieACS, and if so, can it be done with provisioning? I have tried using the presets too with no success.

Can you explain to me what steps are required?


Hi think I have solved.

The suspicion arose when I thought that GenieACS must be able to interact with thousands of devices.

In this situation it seems natural to me that he cannot interrogate all the CPEs at the same time, but wait for it to be contacted casually by them, avoiding bottlenecks due to excessive data traffic or limited system resources.

Now I just hope my reflection is correct.


set preset’s EVENT to something else than blank like connection request.

Hi rudymartin

I do it tomorrow, can you explain me howto work Event?
I have read it is a trigger…


Here is the list of events. Event Basics | qa | cafe

@rudymartin is saying put something like 6 CONNECTION REQUEST


6 CONNECTION REQUEST not work for me but 2 PERIODIC yes.
In fact, through WireShark I see in sequence at each PERIODIC event the parameters that are then updated on the index page. :smile: