Missing genieacs.env file

Hi All
I installed the geniacs docker 1.2.8 as per the instructions. All " seems" to work OK, I can login on port 3000, created new admin etc.
I havent used GenieACS before but was looking to install my SSL wildacard certs and was looking for the genieacs.env file in /opt/geniacs folder with no luck.
I did a “find” for any file *.env , again no luck.

I am beginning to wonder if I messed something up, eventhough the installation was pretty straight forward?
Any thought why there is no geneiacs.env file ?

You need to follow the install instructions.

Thanks @akcoder - the installation you refer to is for a normal install,
I installed via docker using these instructions which using the docker compose runs those commands you pointed out.

I’m sure you can still follow the instructions in there for creating the genieacs.env file…

Just an update, have found the ‘environment’ file.
With docker the environment variables have been created in the HOST rather than the container in the /opt/GenieACS/docker-compose.yml file.
Thnaks again to @akcoder for the suggestions :+1: