GenieACS Docker install

Anyone willing to post step-by-step guide of geneiacs 1.2.8 install on Ubuntu 20.04 with Docker.
I want Genieacs to be instal in contaner

You can just follow the instructions here

One minor adjustment is needed in line 14 of GenieACS.dockerfile


 && npm i -D tslib

so that the the line reads now

RUN npm install && npm i -D tslib

Then build it (u can keep the 1.2.0 tag so that you don’t have to adjust the docker-compose file :wink: )

docker build -f GenieACS.dockerfile . -t drumsergio/genieacs:1.2.0

and follow the instructions in the README to start it with docker-compose

If you want to run it in production you will need more than that :wink:

Great, somehow done and i login over http

How I can change genieacs-gui so Mikrotik devices can be show like I want ?
Whare is genieacs-gui/config

Look here for example