Manage a WAN DHCP router


I have a problem.
I have some routers that are behind an xDSL modem. They have a private IP on their WAN port (example:
These routers send their information to my ACS but when I want to update the routers’ information or change their configuration they are unreachable.
I find this normal because Connection Request URL is for example[...]8
I’ve searched for several hours on the internet and on this forum but I haven’t found a solution.
I saw that you could use UPnP or STUN but I didn’t understand.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @baptiste
XMPP is the protocol to be used for instant connection requests to the CWMP-managed devices behind the NAT. You can find the theory of its operations in the BBF TR-069 document:, Annex K.

GenieACS XMPP branch on github: GitHub - genieacs/genieacs at xmpp

Thanks @Mateusz !

I’m going to read this.