Change ConnectionRequestURL

Hello everyone I need to change the ip of ConnectionRequestURL because i am work across 2 layer of NAT without changing WAN interface ip in the routers

Why is there no edit button in InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestURL ??

Hi ahmed , you cannot change ConnectionRequestURL parameter . this item will generate by device and based on wan ip of device .
you can see in BroadbandForum Data Model that this item is readonly .

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Well, are there any suggestions to make the commands reach the routers via the NAT ??


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thank you very much akcoder

is there any video or tutorial to how doing it ??

here you can find more info about STUN server and how it works .

also you can find a few tutorials to setup coturn as STUN server for users who behind NAT .
this is github page of cotun if you wanna read more about it : GitHub - coturn/coturn: coturn TURN server project