Issue with Huawei ONT loosing IPv6 parameters

Hi dears,

I’m very new working with genieacs. I think that it’s great solution for very small ISDP.
Firstly I want to give thank you for genieacs. It’s helping me to solve a lot of issues setting parameters in ONTs and other staff.

I want to ask your hep in a case that I’m working. In Huawei ONT, when the ONT boot (and according to Huawei support) the OLT disable the IPv6 PPP interface, so I loose all the port mapping that it’s configured in the ONT at IPv6 PPP level. I can enable the Interface again from genieacs, but I can’t set the port mapping information because it’s different in each ONT. Is there any way that I can set again the IPv6 information after the ONT boot with the information that I have in the genieacs database? (Before refresh this information from genieacs)

Thanks in advance!