Introduce logic in the device search filter

Is it possible to use any sort of programatic logic in the search filter? Specifically We hva a customer who wants to be able to filter on mac addresses in more freeform styles…
Today we have a virtual parameter and filter it like this:

  • label: “‘MAC’”
    parameter: VirtualParameters.BaseMAC
    type: “‘string’”

and you have to search for mac’s in this format: “AA:BB:CC:00:A1:B2”
Our customer would like to use either “aaaa.bbbb.1234” or “aa-bb-cc-dd-12-24”

There’s a mac type you can use. It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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Nice! I’ll check it out today.
Christmas wish: more documentation on all the cool features.

Are there other types? Are these types of some form of standard that I can look up?

The need for logic in search filters is still there, but in a different scenario. It would be nice if one could search for a partial tag, for instance where the full tag is “customer-site-1234” one could search for “1234”. Is there a built-in functionality for this?

Unfortunately not. Tags are a special case. But for other parameters you can use the percent sign for wildcard search.

Create a virtual parameter with your customer site Id.
Then you are able to search by that.