GenieACS 1.2 Filters not working?

I have an instance of v1.2 running on Ubuntu 10.04. On the “Devices” tab when I use the filters with wildcard *, I get no results. Am I missing something?


Try to put
DeviceID.SerialNumber LIKE “%%”
this search all

or, for a specific SerialNumber that contain a “D”
DeviceID.SerialNumber LIKE “%D%”

Ok, so that method seems to work when I search by any field except for the Tag…

You can’t do wildcard search on tags, only exact matches.

Is it possible to write constant conditions? Like:

  • label: “‘MikroTik’”
    parameter: DeviceID.Manufacturer=“MikroTik”

How do you deal guys to separate different manufacturers in device list? Any auto grouping by manufacturer?