Cannot search by "Tag:" v1.2


We are running v1.2 and are not able to search by “Tag:”

When we conduct a tag search for example on 2 devices, we get a list that says “No records” and a 0/2 count, but next to that we can download a csv file that lists the 2 devices with the proper tag.

Any thoughts?

Can you post a copy of your “edit filters”? I had a similar issue and I forgot to add the following to my code.

type: string

Also, are the devices actually tagged? It should show on the dashboard.

Here is the default Product class: filter as well as the default Tag: filter.

  • label: “‘Product class’”
    parameter: DeviceID.ProductClass
    type: “‘string’”
  • label: “‘Tag’”
    parameter: tag
    type: “‘string’”

Product class works fine, and the tag filter seems to work too, because I can download the csv with the devices, except the UI is not displaying it properly. I am looking into the UI config section to narrow down any discrepancies.

This is how mine looks;

- label: "'Tag'"
  type: "'tag'"

For v1.2(beta) in your “Edit Filters” config?

Changed mine to;

label: “‘Tag’”
parameter: tag
type: “‘tag’”

Now when I do a filter by “Tag:” on the Devices page the field becomes red and does not search on it anymore.

Changing it back to type: “‘string’” fixes that.

I am having the same issue. Has anyone figured this out?


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I have not figured it out. Please be sure to come back and share with me if you find it.

I’m sure it is something simple, but it is frustrating to be sure…

someone managed to solve?

Same for v1.2.3, still not able to search/filter on tags.

EDIT: Figgled a bit with the “Config” -> “Editing filters” and found the following working setup:

- label: "'Tag'"
  parameter: tag
  type: "'tag'"