Install Help and Troubleshooting and .ENV file assistance


I am still running into issues getting a test installation of this going and I admit I may not be at the level needed for this but I am still trying Please see my earlier post about not able to get services started

I had to walk away for a bit as I was getting into a Funk it was messing with me hard core that being said

I have as of right now I understand a VM on hyper V is not the best setup and not what I will bring to my business team but more or less a proof of concept that being said I will recap what was going on and go from there discussing my setup and further plan

Current setup ubuntu quick create hyperV VM on Win 10 on a Dell laptop
Mongo DB community V5.0

Mongo DB is running and verified

I am looking to see what I am missing from my .env file and probably redo it

This is a clean VM as I blew previous versions away
Where I was getting to is Enabling and starting all services and every service was failing

Please advise or post a sample.env file in text and help troubleshoot

I get i may be way out of my league on this as I am more of a network guy and hardware guy

my basic goal is to get this up and running prove it works learn how to assign gear and users and roles
forklift this over to an EC2 instance and provide login information as a proof of concept for my Comapnys Dev team and management team and they can decide at that point to take it or leave it

we would more than likely be using this on Mercku M2 and M6 and Cisco SPA 112 122 and 1202 ATA

Again any input would be apprecieated