Good evening gentlemen, I have version 1.2.9+ installed through the official website of genieACS, however I would like to change the settings of the initial front interface and I am not finding the index_parameters-sample.yml file, could someone help me please.

What documentation are you looking at? index_parameters-sample.yml is v1.0 and v1.1 stuff.

Everything in v1.2 is configured under Admin → Config

I’m following this documentation

Thanks for the information

Can you point to the part of the docs that list index_parameters-sample.yml so I can help get the docs corrected? I’ve searched through the current docs and I’m unable to find anything that references index_parameters or yml.

I wanted to change the items on the home page marked in red in the image, remove some and put others, but I searched for the path to and arrive at the configuration file would be this genieacs-gui/config/index_parameters-sample.yml, but in the version that I installed 1.2.9+ I can’t find this file.

From the GUI, go to Admin > Config > Edit Index Page.

root@acs3:/usr/local/lib/node_modules/genieacs# grep index_parameters -r -l

source does not have something like that either. Where did you get the reference ?

They probably googled and found old information. They tried to tell me it was in the current docs, but funny enough, its not. I downloaded the source from GH and grep’d through the docs and there is no such reference.

Good evening gentlemen, sorry for the delay in responding, I’m conducting research here in Brazil, all the references I found were on the site in the doc tab, if you have another reference, another site or material that can share with me I am very grateful.

This is the reference that I have added to some research, I work at a provider where we are deploying GenieACS to automate the provisioning of routers with tr069, if anyone can help me, either with research material, either with some reference or some example, I I would really appreciate it.

There are lots of example provision scripts in this forum to look at you. If you need specific information, then please ask that. GenieACS is not a plug and play system. It does require someone with programming experience to write the provision scripts to configure the modems/routers.

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