How you install geniesacs with stun server same host on debian

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I need your help.
I have deployed GenieACS 1.2.9 on debian and I am looking to deploy a STUN server on the same host in order to be able to retrieve the IPs of NAT devices.

Can you help me with the deployment.

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(Install TURN/STUN Server on Debian/Ubuntu with coturn)

What STUN does is open a port through the firewall so you can access the local IP address/port of TR069. Once it is working genieacs will act like it is on your public network but only to that local server. You can turn off all the TURN set limits etc in the coturn configuration file.

in the admin | config this variable needs to be set
cwmp.udpConnectionRequestPort 3478

Hello Thank you for your answer.

Can you give me an exemple to configure conf file coturn with stun

I start on the subject

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